Bring books to kids!

When someone was asking me a few years ago what to buy for my kids for a special occasion I was always telling them: You know that cool toy that talks and looks super interesting and educational? Well, go ahead and buy that one as they will most probably love it. And yes, they did…for a few hours. As the toy was ending in one of the toys drawers in their bedroom. Drawers that only open maybe…one time in a month.

However, I realized that when they receive a book, they are really happy. They ask me to read it over and over again for weeks without getting bored. Even more than that they take the book everywhere with them and they are so proud of it, they even sleep with the book next to their bed.

Some time ago, my friend, A, brought them a cute, small Spider Man book. Most of the boys out there adore Spider Man and obviously my kids are part of his fan club. I will show you below what I am talking about:



This book was my kids favourite for weeks. And since they are twins, obviously they got the book in double 🙂 and I had to be patient and read it double. But what am I talking about? As I don’t need patience to read since for me this is the greatest pleasure. I really like to see my kids loving on books. So, thanks for this wonderful gift.

In time I managed to create a small library for my kids and obviously this will only grow bigger. Some were gifts, others were bought by us and other were unfortunately destroyed as they were much too young to know that a book is precious and we don’t rip pages.




Where do I actually want to go with this story? Well…from every book we learn something. Even from books with super heroes. No, we don’t learn how to become super heroes 🙂 . We learn new words as they are always curious to know what does it mean some word in the book that they never heard before. So I have to put my imagination to maximum and give them specific examples that would help them understand the new word. So I suggest that next time you wonder what gift should you buy to a kid to think at a book. There is a vast selection of kids books out there and any book can bring benefits to a child. For example, today I found this awesome book for the birthday party of a 6 years old girl (I am sorry I did not think to take a picture of it). But this book was so cool because it had a small puzzle on each page which was related to the story.

So, bring books to kids. Because it is the most wonderful gift that a kid might have. What do you think? How many books do your kids have? Do you read them a story every night?

Have a wonderful night and may your dreams be full of stories! 🙂 xoxo Cristina


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