#MyLifeIsAStory … :) Part 1

We all have a life story.

One that is interesting even though we think it’s not. Even though we think it’s boring and nothing is really worth sharing. But if you look back and really think about it, do you believe that nothing that you lived until now can make a difference for some people? Nothing that you lived or believed in (or maybe you still do) is worth to be put into the world? Well, I believe differently. Over the last 6 years I met people that intrigued me, that I found mysterious in some way, that made me wonder who are they exactly. So I asked these people if they want to share their story with me, with us and they agreed.

I agreed as well that I will write my own story and because I always keep my promises (unless something happens and holds me from doing so) here it is. Enjoy! 🙂

  1. Do you know anything about the day you were born?

I didn’t until today :). Curiosity made me ask my mother and the day when I was born is actually interesting. My mother woke up in the morning feeling fine. As my dad was preparing for work she felt that something wasn’t normal so she started to panic a bit. We never had a car so my dad went and asked a neighbour if he can bring them to the hospital which he did. My mother couldn’t stop shivering, she felt cold and not very well, but once at the hospital she felt better. At that time they would not allow the father to be in the labour room so my dad was freaking out in the waiting room asking for my mom. And when I say freaking out, he was really screaming at the doctors and nurses until the hospital director made them call my mom in that room so he can actually talk to her. As a matter of fact he was just scared because a few months before his best friend’s wife passed away while giving birth. By the time my dad spoke with my mom, I was already in this world and everything lasted for only 20 minutes.

2. Why were you given the first name (and middle name) that you have?

When the doctor told my dad that he has a daughter, in excitement my dad said that he knew I’ll be a girl and my name is Maria Cristina. Unfortunately, my godmother decided to call me Ramona, therefore my parents went for Ramona Cristina. PS: I hate Ramona but Cristina I adore. My dad always told me that Maria Cristina is a princess name while Ramona…hmmm Ramona is just a name that my godmother decided I should have.

3. Did you have any heroes or roles models as a child?

A hero…hmmmm…I guess my hero was Sailor Moon. 🙂 Funny how even today I watch it at times and I actually enjoy it. I even bought all the books a while ago and I really enjoy them. A role model, why would I lie? No, I never had a role model. I suppose that I never looked up to someone and think: I want to be you when I grow up!

4. What was your biggest fear as a child?

Ok, we are supposed to be honest so I will. My biggest fear as a child was my dad. He was a tough parent I must say. Even though I had moments in my childhood when I hated him I understand him now. I don’t excuse his behaviour, but I understand that he did the best he could. And at that time, being tough with your child was ok. It meant you are a good parent so I learned to not let myself hunted by the past and try and do better with my children. I don’t believe that me hating on him right now would change the past so I chose to let everything behind and love him for what he is. And he is a wonderful father and grandfather right now.

5. What was your biggest goal when you graduated from high school?

My biggest goal. Wow, it looks so far behind. My biggest goal as I graduated from high school was to go to university and be a journalist. Yes, this was my biggest goal as I always felt a passion for words. I always felt that writing can say so much more than spoken words.

6. How did you decide what you wanted to do with your life?

I didn’t. Life decided for me. There are so many things to write to this question but I will try to make it short. I didn’t go to university to be a journalist. Because of various reasons, but the most important being the fact that I let people discourage me. So I went to college to study Accounting and Management. 🙂 What a big difference it was from what I wanted to do, to what I was actually doing. I was never very good with numbers but I managed my way and math started to make a bit of sense to me. I learned many things from it, but I didn’t finish my DEC because I got pregnant. No, not with a random guy, with the guy that is the love of my life today :). Yes, we are still together and we have twins (I love them so much), but that was the end of my school. I couldn’t continue so I decided that I will go back once I can. I still have 1 year and a half to complete and have my diploma but you know what? I would never go back to that. Instead, if I ever have the opportunity to go back to school I will go in journalism :). Anyways, all that to say that today I work in customer service. And that is because…well…because it was the job that I could work as a student and after as a mother. Job that gives you flexibility with your schedule. But with my 8 years of experience in this work field I must say that it is pretty easy for me to find a job. So no, I don’t regret it, it is still a good field to be in. Companies always need customer service representatives, and not that I want to brag about it but I am pretty good at what I am doing, and that is because I learned to like it and I give my 100% every day.

7. Did you manage to achieve at least half of your dreams and/or goals until this day?

This is a hard question to answer. It is, I swear. Because when it comes to my career, no I didn’t. But in my personal life hell yes. What else could I want? I have a beautiful, healthy family, I have a home and I have a job. So, maybe not all that I wanted is here, but I am happy and grateful with what I have.

8. What’s your typical day like right now?

My typical day. Boring hahahaha, you will see why. I wake up at 5:45 am. I lay in bed as much as I can. I am not a morning person so it is really hard for me to actually drag myself in the bathroom. I prepare my hot shower and I keep the door close for the steam to warm the room. As soon as I am in the shower, boom, my kids enter and leave the door open so I freeze. (ok, I exaggerate but I really, really hate cold). After, well, prepare fast a coffee and I am out by 6:45 am. I leave the kids behind to prepare for the day with their father. I get to work, praying to find a parking spot, and when I finally do I go to work. My day over, I pick up my kids from school, we come home, we eat, bath, story, bed. I prepare lunches for the next day and before going to bed I spend at least 2 hours either on social media (everything about my blog) or on the actual blog. I always try to read at least a few pages from a book (still trying to finish the 4 books that I started a while ago) and after bed time. I told you it was boring!!! 🙂

9. Are you happy with your present life and what would you be willing to do to make it better (if you think it’s necessary)?

If I say I am not happy I might be punished by God (yes I do believe in God). So, yes, I am completely happy with myself, with my family, with everything that I have. What would I do to make it better? Well, a bit more time for me and my lovely man would be great. But since we are always busy with everything, we don’t really have time for us. Luckily until now, he seems to understand the situation and in the end we are still young so once the kids are grown ups we will have all the time in the world for us.

10. What do you see as your place or purpose in life?

Ok, this is a question that I ask myself every day. Until now, I didn’t discover it yet. And no, people that tell me to stop searching for something, I will never stop looking for my purpose in life. Because as I said multiple times: Call me crazy but I feel it deep down inside that I was born to do something great! I was born to make a change, a difference, to do something special. Yes, I know that many people feel this and it is probably just a feeling and probably they will never find out, but I know I will find it. I know that my life is meant to mean something. And it will happen. I still don’t know when and how, but it will.

So here you go. This is me. This is more or less my life. I am not special in any way, just a normal person trying to make a difference in this world. But I try to enjoy my journey in this world as much as I can. With ups and downs. We all have them. Just be honest and be who you really are as you know what they say: You only have one life to live! 🙂

Thanks for reading, more will follow! xoxo Cristina

***Some of the questions do not belong to me. They were inspired or taken from a website (which I lost the link to). If you see this and want me to source it, please feel free to contact me and I will add the link. Thank you for your understanding.***


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