#MyLifeIsAStory … :) Part 2

Hello Lovelies,

I am back with #MyLifeIsAStory because it is and I promised some interesting life stories therefore I have my first guest today, Jason. I met Jason a few years ago and we started a beautiful friendship because he is awesome and I like awesome people :). But seriously now, Jason is one of those people that give you a nice feeling about them and you wonder who they really are and what was their life up to the point you met them.

1. Jason, do you know anything about the day you were born?

I was born at 5:11pm, right in time for dinner, at the Montreal General Hospital. That’s all I know. Well that and that my family was living in Verdun at the time. 

2. Why were you given the first name (and middle name) that you have?

At first I was going to be named Frederick Jason Webb as my mom wanted to name me after my father. But my dad preferred Jason Frederick.

3. Did you have any heroes or roles models as a child?

As a young child I really liked Einstein and Picasso. I still do to this day. They showed me that the way to be really good at something was to immerse yourself so deeply into it that people would think you’re, for all intent and purposes, insane! Eccentricity without caring what anyone else thought. A favourite Picasso quote, and I’m paraphrasing here, is: learn the rules, then brake them!

PS: I think I really like Einstein and Picasso right now. 🙂

4. What was your biggest fear as a child?

I don’t really remember but I do remember being locked in a room once and not being able to get out. Since then, I’m assuming, if I’m cornered I will do whatever I have to to get out.

5. What was your biggest goal when you graduated from high school?

At the time I was going into Nursing school so it would have been to finish that, but in the summer after grad I worked at a summer camp and met a chef that inspired me to switch to cooking. I dropped out of Nursing after my first year and that became a 20 year career in hospitality in all positions all over Canada. From cooking to bar-tending. From serving to managing. From Montreal to the Canadian Rockies. From family restaurants to very high end fine dining. I did it all and don’t regret any of it. Except maybe the missed paycheque as a nurse, I would never change my story as cooking brought me to so many places and brought so many people into my life.

PS: I love when I hear that some people inspired so much that made a young man/woman change their life and dreams completely.

6. How did you decide what you wanted to do with your life?

I ask myself this daily: what do I want to do today? And I do it!

PS: Awesome perspective. Most of us tend to forget that we are so busy because we put so much on our plates, because we plan things so much and we forget to just live the moment, to do what makes us happy on the spot. Great advice Jason, I really love it!

7. Did you manage to achieve at least half of your dreams and/or goals until this day?

Sometimes the path we take and the path that’s presented to us aren’t always as we had planned. With this in mind, I have had a very fulfilling life and have been happy with my accomplished goals and happy with the goals I set out to accomplish and did not finish as life had a different path for me already set out. Failure is only showing you something you may not have had the opportunity, place or vision to see before. 

8. What’s your typical day like right now?

It’s very nice! I wake up beside my amazing and beautiful girlfriend. I have coffee and we laugh. I work during my work week and come home where we cook good food and laugh some more. Watch some TV or play guitar or games together and laugh some more. My weekends are the same but with no work and more laughs and adventures! 

9. Are you happy with your present life and what would you be willing to do to make it better (if you think it’s necessary)?

I am happy at all times. It’s not always easy to be happy in every moment but I know that life has given me what I need to be in the moment at the time and it has given me what I need to get through the difficult times. I’m always working on improving my life, skills and health and that is what I do to improve my life, I work on improving me.

10. Jason, what do you see as your place or purpose in life?

I see myself as a coach. I joke that I’m lazy and not a doer but I can help others get what they want, do what they want, and/or be where they want to be. That’s kind of self deprecating but I realized with my experiences that I’m the best person anyone could have by their side to help them reach their goals and support them through any transition or challenge as I’ve had some really challenging ones in my life and I KNOW and have the tools to help anyone get and do what they want if they fully, with no excuses, put their mind to it. People’s success brings me joy.

Jason is a simple man, that went through many things in life and yet he still managed to keep his smile and he is still positive (trust me, I know). This is what we should all do. Never give up on you, on your happiness, never forget to smile and remember that if you put your mind to it, with no excuses, as Jason said, you can overcome pretty much everything.

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have a great night.

***Some of the questions do not belong to me. They were inspired or taken from a website (which I lost the link to). If you see this and want me to source it, please feel free to contact me and I will add the link. Thank you for your understanding.***



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