#bookreview – ”Toddlers Are A**Holes *It’s not your fault*” By Sopha King Tyerd

For some reason I can’t find much information about Sopha King Tyerd,  maybe I am just not good at research, who knows?! But, after I read this book (twice already) I definitely don’t feel bad about myself as a mother anymore. I bought this book some months ago, as one of my customers at work was asking me where is her order. I immediately felt the urge to have it, so I bought it and I am not sorry at all. I bought the 2014 edition and not only that is colourful but by the title I immediately wanted to know why are toddlers a**holes. 🙂 Here is the book cover along with the ISBN if you want to read it, and please know that I highly recommend it:

”Toddlers Are A**Holes *It’s not your fault*” by Sopha King Tyerd, is a self published book. You can see this as here and there are some small errors but who cares? If you are not a language perfectionist, and please spare me on how important this is when you write a book as she already has my full respect just because she was brave enough to tell the truth about how hard it is to be a parent and how hard it is to be in competition with the ‘perfect parents’ out there, this book is actually the funniest book I ever read up to now. The first sentence in this book hooked me up and I was already laughing my ass off. The book has 22 chapters and I find that she covers all of them pretty well.

This book is actually reassuring parents that it’s ok if you feel overwhelmed, tired, fed up and it’s ok if you feel like you want to run in the world, by yourself, because the fact is that toddlers make you feel this way. You can accept it and tell the world the truth or you can paint yourself as the perfect parent and don’t accept your reality. This book can only be understood by parents so if you are not a parent but decide to read it you might roll your eyes and tend to believe that all this book is just pure exaggeration. As a mother of twins, I am telling you: It is the pure reality! 

If you categorize yourself in the ‘perfect parent’ category, I wouldn’t recommend this book, because not only that the author uses language that you might find offensive, but she basically puts the accent on the negative parts in being a parent and on the negative sides of toddlers. It’s ok with me, because as much as I love my twins, I must admit that most of my memories are well…with me in tears or just me wondering how and why I decided to have kids. It is a true book and I really don’t want to give much details about it, because I don’t want to spoil it for you, if you do decide to read the book. I took a few pictures of the things that she mentions in her book (warning: if you categorize in the sanctiparent category you might be offended by this):

What do I really love about this book? The fact that it portraits the pure reality of many parents however of fear to not be judged most of us don’t talk about it. The fact that I finally don’t feel alone in this anymore. The fact that this book can shut off the mouths of all those who told me over the years to stop complaining because I am not the only mother in the world and other mothers/parents don’t complain as much as me. The fact the shuts off the mouths of all those ‘perfect mothers/parents’ that make you think their life with their kids is all about pink rainbows and princess movies, and make you feel guilty for all those moments you just wished you could pack your bags and leave your present life behind. And finally, the fact that we are allowed and it is normal to feel overwhelmed and this does not means we hate our children. Yes, we still love them, surprisingly enough we love them just as much as the ‘perfect parents’ love their kids.

There is really not much more to say about this book. It is funny, it has opened my eyes in so many ways and well, it just made me feel normal again. So thank you Sopha King Tyerd! Parents, if you want a good laugh and want to stop feeling guilty for some reasons (you all know why) I highly recommend reading ‘Toddlers Are A**Holes *It’s not your fault*” By Sopha King Tyerd.


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