#MyLifeIsAStory … :) Part 4

#MyLifeIsAStory is back. 🙂 I feel that we need to go back to our life after everything that happened lately in the world. We need to know that there are still people that live and don’t live to do bad but to inspire. That is why today, my guest is Ryan. He is a sensitive person in all possible ways, he made me see the positivity in things and people around me on so many occasions, he is the one that taught me to live the moment!

Lets get this started! 🙂

1. Ryan, do you know anything about the day you were born?

I don’t know of any significant event that occurred the day I was born and I don’t recall being told by my parents that April 28th was different than any other day. I do know that I was born in the evening, on a Sunday, which may explain why I’ve always felt a certain affinity for that day of the week.

2. Why were you given the first name (and middle name) that you have?

My Mother explained to me that my first name has Irish origins and means “Little King”. My middle name Eden, was chosen from the Garden of Eden in the bible.

3. Did you have any heroes or roles models as a child?

Any heroes or role models I had as a child were athletes. When I was a young boy playing outside with my friends, I used to emulate my favourite baseball, hockey and football players all the time. Later as I got older I was drawn into the world of the arts. So, certain musicians, film makers, authors and painters made quite an impact on me, and many still do. I’ve always been interested in the creative process and what drives a person to create the things that they do.

4. What was your biggest fear as a child?

Without a doubt my biggest fear as a child was the fear of being abducted. I don’t know why. I can vividly remember days walking home alone from school and being particularly vigilant. Sometimes I used to see the odd car or van from a distance and was quite certain that I was either being watched or followed. It’s interesting because parents nowadays are a lot more aware and involved with their kids and are definitely more vigilant, whereas when I was growing up, we walked home alone and stayed out later after dark and there were times I’m sure my parents had no idea where I was, or who I was with.

5. What was your biggest goal when you graduated from high school?

My biggest goal after high school was to make sure I got a job, because at the time I didn’t really know what career path I wanted to take.

6. How did you decide what you wanted to do with your life?

Sometimes I think that some of the decisions I’ve made in my life, although I certainly had a role in the process, I often feel that maybe a few of those paths were chosen for me, as opposed to me making a definite decision as to which one to choose, if that makes any sense? I do feel that I am where I am today for a reason.

PS: It does make sense. I do feel sometimes that no matter what your plans are, life has a different plan for you. It does strike me how often, when I’m sure how some things might go, a small event or someone, changes everything in my life.

7. Did you manage to achieve at least half of your dreams and/or goals until this day?

Yes. When I was younger I didn’t set out too many goals for myself, but what I did want to do, I have accomplished. That being said, I think one should always evaluate where they are, at the different stages in their life and usually the result is that goals and priorities end up changing. Life is about change.

PS: Life is about change! Definitely!!!! And our accommodation to that change only comes from us. It is better to accept this sooner rather then later as it will only help us live a happier life. I’m still in the process of accepting this in my life! 🙂

8. What’s your typical day like right now?

Wake up, go to work and try to talk to and create as many positive interactions with as many people as possible throughout the day. I’m currently in sales, so this is important.

A couple of years ago, I decided to take a bit of detour with my career. I had never done sales before, and I figured if I was going to go down this route, I didn’t want to work in retail or sell cars or that kind of thing. It had to be something I really believed in. So, when the opportunity to try Cemetery and Funeral sales presented itself I took it. Death is never an easy subject for people to talk about, but what I do is help families to try to see the benefits of pre-arranging their end of life plans, instead of waiting until the worst possible day. By doing this I can help bring them comfort and peace of mind and also help to reduce some of the emotional stress and anxiety that happens when a loved one passes away. I think this job has really opened my eyes and made me see people and life in a different way. I feel it has also made me a more compassionate person and at the same time, deepened my appreciation for life itself.

After the work day is over, I try to spend some quality time with my wife and our two kids. If there is any time left over, that is time for myself, which usually consists of watching a hockey or football game, a movie, or listening to some music. Then it’s off to bed with one of the four or five books that always occupy my nightstand.

PS: We have the four or five books in common. 🙂 I’m between books all the time as well before going to bed.

9. Are you happy with your present life and what would you be willing to do to make it better (if you think it’s necessary)?

I am happy and always thankful for all the blessings in my life. On a personal level, I feel I am constantly in a process of what I guess I would call, self-analysis. I think it’s important to constantly try to look inward at ways in which I can improve myself, which I hope will only serve to further develop my relationships with family and friends, but also my understanding of the world as well.

I often hear people talking about living in the present, and it’s something I’ve been trying to practice lately. I think we are all guilty at some point of what (Marcel) Proust referred to as ‘involuntary memory’, which is basically what happens when certain things that we encounter in our everyday lives seem to trigger these nostalgic feelings of the past. The past is always there, and we can certainly appreciate things we have done and at the same time learn from our mistakes, but when you think about it, we are often fixated with either things that have already happened or we’re worrying about things that haven’t happened or might never happen. As a result we often miss out on things that are happening all around us, right now, in the present moment. It’s something that I’m interested in studying further.

PS: And this is the reason why I’m always trying to live the moment right now! Because of you. My mind is constantly thinking, constantly thinking about things that I could have done differently or things that might happen and how should I react if they do. But lately when that happens to me, I think about your words and I am instantly feeling more relaxed! 🙂

10. What do you see as your place or purpose in life?

That’s easy, to live a ‘purposeful’ life. What else?

PS: Nothing else! That is enough for me!

You see, even though it’s hard (trust me I’m still in the process of learning this) living in the present can only bring positives vibes in your life. And this is what Ryan is teaching us today! We can’t change the past and definitely we can’t guess what’s in the future but you can do all the difference in your present. Ryan is a wise man, and I already told you that he is sensitive. In the way that he listens to people and he cares and he helps with his words and understanding. In a world where everyone is busy to show how important their statements are, we need more people like Ryan to remind us that sometimes a good listening and a few words that come from the heart can make all the difference for the people around us.

Thanks for reading lovelies! Have a great Sunday! xoxo Cristina

***Some of the questions do not belong to me. They were inspired or taken from a website (which I lost the link to). If you see this and want me to source it, please feel free to contact me and I will add the link. Thank you for your understanding.***



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