#bookreview The Cowgirl Rides Away by Amie Stuart

This book is an e-book. Everybody that knows me, knows that I am not really into e-books as I like the physical connection with a book 🙂 (sounds pretty strange, but I really like the smell of a book and to touch its pages as I read it). However, out of curiosity I went on iBooks on my phone and made myself a ‘small list’ of e-books for whenever I don’t carry a book with me.

I started to read ‘The Cowgirl Rides Away’ about 2 weeks ago. It took me this long to finish it because I am between books and I always read one depending on my mood. However if it would be to read just this book I am pretty sure I would have finished it in maximum 3 days 🙂 . It only has 369 pages (iPhone pages) and it is an easy reading. The story happens mostly between Jessa (a cowgirl that must retire at a young age, I won’t give you many details not to spoil the story) and Zack (a texan man that lives his life with all his family at his father’s ranch in Texas).

They met on the internet and they are not very sure that their relationship is going to work but they will give it a try anyways. To be honest I find that the book should have been just some 100 pages longer, because I find that at one point the author rushed through the story and some details where left untold. I started to hate Jessa, just one tiny bit at one point and I would have loved that she suffers just a bit more for what she did, only because it was not her place to take any action and when she did, everybody seemed to agree that she was suppose to do it, however a ‘it’s not your damn business’ would have been welcomed at one point. But, at least she finally took the right decision and…left. The ending was…somewhat disappointing, not because it ended bad, but because there were not enough details and it was a bit rushed.

There are other books, not about Jessa and Zack, but about the other couples around them. It’s like the author wants to give every couple in the book their own story. Will I read them? Probably not 🙂 . I liked Jessa’s and Zack’s story but I wouldn’t say that it was one of those love stories that lets me wanting more. So, I would give this book a 3 out of 5 starts. I still appreciate and respect the author though, as writing a book is not easy.


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