#bookreview…A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

Yes, I am a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks because I am all about cute love stories. There was a time when I was reading just books that had a happy ending and I won’t lie that at one point I got bored and I wanted a different kind of ending, something unexpected, something that would really make me think for a while after closing that book for the last time.

And that is when by pure coincidence I put my hands on A Walk to Remember. 


Was it an unforgettable story of young love? It was beyond that. This book became my favourite book and later on my favourite movie.

Landon and Jamie were going to the same school but it wasn’t until Landon needs help with his studies that he really pays some attention to her. Even though she warns him from the beginning not to fall in love with her because her life is too complicated he finally ends up not only falling for her but he turns into the most important person in her life for the time that she has left. He grants her every wish until the end. And trust me the end will make you cry as it is not a happy ending but it’s an ending that really lets you think about life and about how you should not take for granted what you have.

…the importance that you must be present in your loved ones life, that is what this book made me think about. I really don’t want to give any further details as I highly recommend this book even if you are not a Nicholas Sparks fan however for me this story definitely deserves more than 5 stars so I’ll give it 10 🙂 **********


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