#books or how many books do you have?

As a book lover one would think that I own many, many, many….many…books. 🙂 As a matter of fact a few times in the last weeks people assumed that I probably own at least a thousand books. I would love to have that many but that would probably mean that there would be no more space to move in my apartment 🙂 .

Today, is cleaning time, yeah…I am not very excited about it but it is needed 🙂 . So I thought I should put most of my books in one single place and out of curiosity I though I should count them. I realized a few things by doing so:

  1. I really own only 82 books on paper and probably 20 more ebooks which adds up to 102 🙂 . I would really love to be able to appreciate the ebooks too, but being the fact that these are just sitting there in my electronic device makes me feel that I don’t really own them. 😀
  2. I need, like really need a bookshelf. Someone, preferably me, needs to make a trip to Ikea and get a nice ‘home’ for my books as they are currently everywhere in my apartment.
  3. I have not read most of the books that I own. 🙂 Crazy right? But yeah, I am in constant look for new, exciting readings, when in fact I barely touched the ones that I have. It’s not that my books are not interesting enough, because they are books that I really wanted to have,however I can’t seem to concentrate on a book at a time and also, I can’t seem to have the time to be able to actually enjoy and finish a good book.

Ohhh, I remember the times when I was grabbing a book and just kept on reading until my eyes were hurting or until I finished reading it. It was not taking me more than two days to read a book, but now…I need weeks to be able to finish one. Well, this is what it means to be a mother, the ‘me time’ is limited and I mostly have to decide between eat, sleep, clean or read. Hmmm, ok I lost my track of thoughts, sorry 😀 .

How many books do you own? Are you happy with your selection? And most importantly…how many of those books are still waiting for you to open them for the first time?

Have a great Saturday lovelies! I hope I will find at least a good hour to read today. 🙂 xoxo Cristina.

PS: I just counted the ebooks and…there are more than 20 😀


6 thoughts on “#books or how many books do you have?

  1. I own only the very few books I keep as reference books: Trauma and Recovery, The Hebrew Bible, a Ladino prayerbook, my Tikkun, and the copy of Asterix given to me by an old friend who is very very ill. All other books, I donate to the public library when done. When I need them, I go back to the library.
    In Solidarity with All Kind People,
    Peace via Cooperation and Non-Cooperation,
    6th of December, 12015 HE

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