#bookreview…Fractured by Elle Charles 

I started to read this book and I was impressed by the first chapter. I was thinking to myself that I would probably read this book in a few days. Here I am what…3 weeks later and I’m just at the page 301 but I can’t continue. I have to stop because it’s nothing that I have not read before.

I am really sorry that I have to give this review but it’s better to be honest right? Would I recommend this book? For the moment no…because I did not finish it. However I’m writing a review now because I will probably not finish it. I just lost my interest when Kara (after having a terrible childhood because of her father) falls for a man to the point that she does exactly what this says. On top of it, she still stays in contact with her parents after everything they put her through and no matter how hard I’m trying to get over this fact I just can’t accept it. There are moments in life where we need to be strong and leave behind people that hurt us even though they are family. Yes I know that this is just a book but even more for this reason Kara should have been stronger.

Sorry, Elle Charles, this book gets 2 stars out of 5. Maybe I will finish the read at one point but for now I lost my interest.


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