#MusicReview…Nicole Scherzinger – Big Fat Lie

Some artists are not know by everybody. Others are known just for their looks or because at one point they were part of a hit band that at one moment were doing their thing and they were grabbing attention not necessarily because of the quality of their music. One of these artists, in my opinion, is Nicole Scherzinger. She was part of The Pussycat Dolls. 🙂 However I must say that I do like her voice and I do think that besides her looks she can definitely sing.

I was always a fan of them, actually I recently bought two, yes 2 🙂 of their albums. Maybe some of their songs are superficial but many of them are romantic and even inspiring. Or that is what I think anyways.

Nicole Scherzinger is now an artist on her own. Its been some years that The Pussycat Dolls don’t exist anymore but she is there, doing her own thing. And yes, I bought her album as well, Big Fat Lie. I am all for buying the music of the artists you love, otherwise how are they supposed to be rewarded for their work? On her album there are a few songs that really touched my heart as I find myself in the lyrics of these songs. One of them is – Big Fat Lie -. I am not even close to be Nicole, however I do feel sometimes that I must lie the world around me. To hide myself from who I really am, to be someone that people want to see and accept. I will leave you with her song below. Check it out, listen to the lyrics and think about it. 🙂 Enjoy!

***Post picture from Nicole Scherzinger Big Fat Lie Album***



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