#bookreview…The Harmony Scroll (A Stella Hunter Mystery Book 2) by Edita A. Petrick

This book seemed promising and I was really excited to start it. The author has sent it to me for an honest review.

What was my first mistake? I read this book, which is the second one, without having a clue what happened in the first book. Because of this I was lost and I couldn’t really follow the story. When I was thinking that I finally understood something, some new information was thrown or some new name was mentioned and I was lost again. This is normal in a book, you might think and I agree with you, however it was information and names that I could not follow or make any connections to. The only things that I could follow were the three characters: Carter, Stella and her adoptive son Gabriel. I liked the story and the adventures that they had to go through, however because I could not understand everything 100% I could not enjoy it that much.

I feel very bad whenever I can’t give 5 stars to a book because I know that the author worked very much and I respect and appreciate this, however I must be honest. For me, it was a 3 stars book and I gave the same review on Goodreads. Maybe once I go back and I read the first book I can change my mind, however at the moment this is the best that I can give.

I must add that at times I read books that were part of a series and even though I didn’t read the first book I am still able to make connections and by the end understand it. But it wasn’t the case with The Harmony Scroll (A Stella Hunter Mystery Book 2).

Thanks for reading!

Cristina B.


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