#Gift ideas for a reader📝

We all wonder what to buy when we go to see someone for a special occasion. Lately people ask me what to get me and even though I specifically say I don’t want gifts as their presence is all that matters, I end up asking for books (since they insist 😁).

Most of the times I don’t get the books or anything related to it therefore I thought I should make a list of things that a reader like me might appreciate. Let’s see:

1. A cute mug with a nice book quote! Don’t worry and don’t bother to ask if the person already has one. There is never enough of these things. Thinking that you can actually chose which mug to use in the morning is actually nice. Or imagine an accident happens and a mug brakes, at least you know that you have more.

3. A nice necklace pendant, a bracelet, a ring or basically any piece of jewelry that can be related to books. There are nice things out there with inspiring book quotes which you might have to look for but hey..if the person is important to you, you would do it right? I know I would. Hint: many stores have those online, maybe try and type Amazon. ☺️

4. A books diary or calendar. To actually have a notebook to write down books quotes or books names or whatever the reader might want is very helpful. The reader would love this, trust me! 😌

5. An inspiring book quote framed in a beautiful frame! One that the reader can put in their corner in the house where they can look at and get inspired and why not motivated whenever he/she needs it.

6. Last but not least, an actual book. If you want to know what book you can buy here is a hint: most of the ‘crazy’ readers like me have a Goodreads account where they have a huge list with books that they want to read. You can chose from there! ☺️ If they don’t have an account I suppose that you can start talking about what books they are planning to read and like this you get the idea. It’s just not cool, I find, to ask them exactly what book they would like because that gift is not going to be a surprise anymore. 😉

So here you are. These are things that I would really enjoy and love to receive. I am actually not so much for gifts, because I prefer to buy my own things and I don’t expect people to buy me anything when I invite them for an occasion. But we do buy gifts no matter what so at least now you have some ideas! ☺️😌

Thanks for reading lovelies!

Have a great night!

Cristina B.


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