#bookreview+awesomegiveaway…The 5 Money Myths by Ed Kinsey and Marc Roethel

I received the book ‘The 5 Money Myths’’ from the authors for an honest review. I must say that receiving a book from an author is exciting for me because I actually get a free book and I get to help the authors with their work. However I must be honest and say that I was not that excited when I realized that this is a finance book. I am not really into finance and I barely understand my day-to-day finance. I changed my mind pretty fast after I started to read the book. Not only that this was an easy read but it was funny and interesting at the same time.

Here is an amazing turn on this book review. With the news that I will get the book I also received the following message:

To help get the word out about this stellar new book, we’re hosting a 10 book giveaway and $100 Amazon card giveaway for the blog tour.

Here is how you can enter and good luck:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ed Kinsey and Marc Roethel work together to help people save for their retirement and to plan their financial future. We all know that the majority of people live paycheque to paycheque and almost all of us think about the future without thinking about the financial part. We also know that at one point we could get sick, get into an accident and be hurt for life or even worse, die. But unfortunately most of us think that these things will never happen to us or if they will, it is far, far away and we have the time to think about it later. ‘The 5 Money Myths’ book makes you think now and act now. With this book, the authors show us, through 5 simple myths that all these bad things can happen to any of us at any moment and we must be prepared for it. Not only for ourselves, as if it happens that we die, we won’t really need money would we? But for our families. We must think about them and especially if we have kids this is even more important.

After reading this book, I am convinced that I must take action right away. I will start applying the advices that the authors give right away. I am not in the United States, but when it comes to my finance, my retirement and my kids’ financial security this can apply to any person, from any country.

I definitely recommend this book to open your eyes, to make you think and even to scare you a bit. Sometimes we must be a bit scared to take action, therefore read this book and start thinking about your personal and your family’s financial security.

This book deserves 5 stars out of 5 and I am sure that it will change many people’s lives.

5th money myths

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