#guestpost…What does Valentine’s day really represent?

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I received this amazing article from one of my good friends. She wants to be anonymous (☺️) so I won’t reveal her name, however she allowed me to call her C. C is an amazing girl: fun, chill, funny, we have lots of great times together.
My friend is not a blogger but after reading what she wrote I must say that she should give it a try. 😃 Maybe I can convince her to write some more for my blog. ☺️ With Valentine’s Day here and couples or single people celebrating or not, I thought that this post is very appropriate for today. Enjoy:

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the main topic of conversation centers upon either “what did you buy for your significant other?” or “what are you doing for Valentine’s day?”

Simple, right? It could be, if you are the one asking the question, but the answer might not be as simple since most people don’t know what to buy. So then other questions pop up, like how much money do I spend on THE gift and will I receive a gift of a similar value? Should it be something thoughtful? Or something mentioned before (that I don’t really remember)? Should I even buy a gift? If I buy this, will he\she assume that?

Even though it might seem a bit like the Christmas gift shopping, it is different because somehow this gift is supposed to show your love. Sometimes what comes out of this gift exchange is actually your opinion of the commitment (scary, if you realize you are not on the same page) and that is when things get complicated. So why do we have a tendency to complicate things? Communication could be a solution to this problem, but then the element of surprise disappears. But surprises are fun… or are they? If you get a gift that you don’t like, you either pretend to like it and are disappointed or exchange it and the significant other is disappointed. Of course you could also either get lucky or actually know what the other person is expecting. So maybe the key to a happy valentine’s day is being happy with the person you are with and showing that you actually know that person and not necessarily complying with whatever rules you have read or heard about.

On the other hand, what if you are single? What will you do? Do you stay home and enjoy a quiet evening or do you find other single friends and show everybody how happy you are to be single? And yes… the emphasis is on the word “showing” because this day is about showing… and maybe a bit of judging. So why not just be happy doing whatever you feel like doing instead of spending money on somebody else and stressing about what could be the perfect gift, ‘cause let’s face it, it is a bit more about showing off than it is about showing feelings.

Then why put so much pressure on a specific day? Well, because everybody does it! And it becomes a statement… are you pro-Valentine’s day or against it? So the main question becomes: “What is Valentine’s day really about?” Is it about gifts? Is it about commitment? Or maybe a bit of both… Mostly it is about what you want it to be. So you can either make it fun by doing what you (as a couple or a single person) like or follow other people’s opinions about how it is supposed to be.

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies!

Thanks for reading!

Cristina B.



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