#Twilight…The Movie

What do you do when you are spending your Sunday being sick? You watch a movie eating soup. It happened that they were passing Twilight on TV, and even though I already watched it a few times, I can’t say no to this movie.

I must say that the first movie of this series is bad. As in really bad! I am watching these actors Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) and I ask myself What in the world are they doing? I must admit though that in the movies after, they did improve. It is probably because they were not used to acting, but boy ohhh boy how bad did they act.

Twilight is the first book from the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, which I absolutely loved. Bella, is a normal girl with a normal life that moves with her father to give her mother some space with her new husband. She meets Edward, and even though he tries to stay away from her (he is a vampire) there is something that drags him to her. And this is how their love story.

If you have teenager girls in your family, chances are that you already know about this movie and about the books as well. If by any chance you don’t, please, just please don’t judge the story by the first movie. The books are so much better!

Cristina B.

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7 thoughts on “#Twilight…The Movie

  1. Books as a general rule are better. Twilight as a series has its faults, but it’s a fun read, much like Fifty Shades. I have to admit, I liked them too, but there were definitely some areas I wanted to smack the authors. 😄

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