1. 5 Problems With Social Media…☺️

Social Media! Ohhh the platforms that are part of most people’s lives! The platforms that are part of most people’s routine; I included.

There is not one day that I don’t check social media. Several times a day I’m there, online, to see what people did, said or where are they at! There are days when I find it so boring and I can’t find anything else more interesting to do. There are many, many interesting things that I could do, but social media grabs my attention so many times during my day.

I am sure that many people have their own ‘problems’ with social media, but here is my top 5:

1. Yes, this is really the TOP problem that I have with social media: Employers check your social media profiles. So, if you write a message on your profile and you forgot to make it private and this message contains something that the Employer might not agree with, you might not be hired. Yes, probably they should not do it, but THEY DO! If you ask me, I find it’s a bit ridiculous not to get a job because of this but hey…who am I to tell employers how to hire, right?! ☺️

2. Social media is Fake! All I see is how happy people are, how grateful they are, how positive and what a great pink life they have. Reality is that most people live a boring life but they think that if they put all these positive things out there, others might think they live the pure happiness. They say that they don’t want people to know the negative stuff. And all of the sudden you find out, through social media, that the ‘perfect couple’ broke up. 😏😏😏😏

3. Social Media is addictive! Personally, I think I spend most of my evenings on it. Sometimes I’m reading or writing, but if I had no book or where to write, I could spend my life on social media. I really enjoy pictures. 😂 I just stay there and look at people’s albums. Some might call me a stalker, 😂😂😂. In my defence, I would ask: Why do people upload the pictures? For others to look at them! 😝

4. Social Media is time consuming! How many evening I got lost on social media just to realize that it’s too late now and I didn’t prepare the lunches for the next day, I didn’t read my book, I didn’t call my mom, etc…The reality is, that when I’m on social media, the time just flies. Next thing you know I have to go to bed and I did close to nothing with my evening. 😱

5. Social Media is dangerous! As in really dangerous. These days there are so many things happening on these platforms, from real stalking (not my kind of stalking lol) to bulling. You must be really careful what you share publicly and most importantly add as friends just people that you really know. If you prefer to have your profile public, at least be careful what you post. Your kids pictures and your own can end up in places you might not really appreciate. Of course the danger is still there with a private profile but I believe it is somewhat less dangerous.

This is my list. ☺️ Will I leave social media any time soon? I’m not planning to , but who knows what might happen in the future. Be careful on social media, as they say: Better be safe than sorry!

Do you have any problems with social media? ☺️

Cristina B.


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