Our #PokemonGo experience 

About a week ago I started to see posts on Facebook about Pokemon. My kids watch the cartoons every day so I thought that all of the sudden everyone started to watch Pokemon. 😋😋😋 How silly of me!

I heard all about the app shortly after. My boyfriend is up to date with every new thing out there, so of course we had the app even before he told me everything about it. We went outside with the kids and let me tell you something: we had the time of our life! Being the fact that my kids watch Pokemon and they know everything about it, it is so much fun for them to actually be in the position to catch pokemons. We walked so much that my feet were hurting. We spoke so much that it made me think that I don’t remember a day in which we actually interacted so much with one another. It made my family happy so it made me happy as well.

I must confess though that all these people that complain about this app and what it does, that call bad names on those that play on the app really upset me. I get that it is not for everybody but why do they have to be so mean? Why do they have to offend others because of something they don’t enjoy?! I will never understand why people must always complain about things that make others happy!

So…stay safe, be aware of your environment, be aware when you cross the street and while you look on your phone make sure you either have someone that watches your back or you watch your steps at the same time and most importantly, don’t Pokemon and drive! Besides that, I hope I’ll see you around so we can make a Pokemon battle! 😋😋😋

Thanks for reading!

Cristina B.


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