4 things that I learned from the #angrybirdsgame

A few years ago we bought the XBOX 360 Kinect. We genuinely thought that we will use it pretty often and why not use it as a way to work out. There are so many games for it, games that really make you move so much that your entire body hurts next day. Well, we did play for some days and obviously we got bored after. What I think killed our excitement was also the fact that the kids were so young that could not fully understand how to play, so it was a constant fight on who should play and how to do it. We mostly use it now for when people are coming over and after we got all the discussion subjects out of the way. The game that we play with people is the one below, as it has multiple sports that you can choose from and you can also add multiple players:

I deviated a bit from the subject! 😁 What I want to write about in this post is how a specific game, which is Angry Birds, made me see life differently.

Some time ago, I tried to play Angry Birds on my phone. I say, I tried, because this game was always getting me so angry and I was never able to pass a level so I was ending up frustrated and irritated. We bought the Angry Birds for the XBOX and I remember thinking that this will only annoy me so much that I will probably not touch it. And it was the case for many months. Until a few weeks ago when, randomly, I started to play it with my partner in crime plus the kids. And while playing and actually enjoying it I realized some things that made me reflect on life:

1. When you need to resolve a problem you might want to ask for advice and choose the best one for you. There are really hard levels that I honestly think on the spot are impossible to pass. But you see, there are 4 minds looking at the same problem and we advise each other and guess what?! All of the sudden, the hard level is not so hard anymore and the response is just there in front of us.

2. There are multiple ways of solving a problem. Sometimes one of us passed the level using a technique but the next one playing restarts the level by mistake. As the next person plays the same level using a different technique we all say that noooo, this is not the way to do it. But we are all surprised when in the end, using a different way, the level was past! This means, that a problem can be resolved in multiple ways and just because others don’t agree with you, it does not mean you are wrong in doing what you are doing.

3. When I finally want to give up I give it another chance and that’s when I pass. Sometimes I try and try to pass a level but no matter what I do I just can’t pass that level. I start to get frustrated and I think to myself that I’ll try just one more time and I’ll give up. I won’t say that it works ALL the time but I swear that 90% of the time I always pass at that last try that I give. What does this means? If you feel like giving up just try one more time but make sure this last time you give your all. I won’t promise it will necessarily work but chances that it will are pretty high.

4. Sometimes I get so angry and frustrated that I just need to take a break. After I played the same level and I applied #3 and it still didn’t work I decide that a break is needed. Either I take a 10 minutes break or maybe I’ll play again next day, but I assure you that once I’m back with my mind cleared, that level does not seem so impossible to pass anymore. So, whenever you feel defeated, take a break. When you come back to whatever you are doing, things will make much more sense.

I’m sure there are many more things that I’ll discover along the way. I’m sure that people will think that I’m not normal to compare a game with real life. I’m also sure that we all see life differently. But these things are popping to my mind every time I play the Angry Birds game. And now…I really don’t get as mad as I used to when I open this game! ☺️

Thanks for reading!

Cristina B.


4 thoughts on “4 things that I learned from the #angrybirdsgame

  1. Great post – and couldn’t agree more. I sometimes watch our kids playing Mariokart, and think “I would never have even thought of doing that” 🙂

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