Life is so strange…RIP Toxon πŸ˜’😒😒

Life is so strange. One moment everything is fine and the next everything can go down and change us forever.

While I was in bed at 5 AM, unable to sleep like always, I received a text from my sister that their lovely dog was in the hospital. It was not clear what he had but it didn’t look good. They were expecting bad news, but not the worst thing to happen. Some hours later I received the news that the beautiful, loving, caring dog, a member of our family, has passed away. A heart failure! Just like that. He had some health problems lately yes, but they were keeping it under control with treatment. And all of the sudden, this beautiful, amazing dog just died!

I can’t tell you how sad this is! I was supposed to see my sister yesterday, and I was supposed to see him too, but I didn’t go eventually. And now he is gone! Forever! I will never be able to have his big, heavy head on my legs and he will never look at me again with his beautiful big eyes! Those eyes that were looking into my soul!

I am so sorry my dear sister and my dear brother in law for your loss! Life is a strange thing indeed and I know it’s hard but just keep in mind that he had the best life he could have had! He was with you guys, with two loving people that always treated him like a part of the family!

Toxon, you will be forever reminded! I’m so happy that I got to meet you! You were indeed the best dog ever! Love you forever, Toxon dear! ❀️❀️❀️❀️


Cristina B.


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