#ILoveMusic … #Sia #Unstoppable

I love music! A lot! Music makes me feel so many deep emotions! Music makes me feel sexy, powerful, sad, happy and even unstoppable (kinda). I am not the kind that listens a song for the beat. I listen a song for the lyrics and what they make me feel. I am not the kind that downloads music for free, I buy music because I want my favourite artists to keep on making me feel these amazing things.

One of my favourite singers is Sia. Her songs…are so full of emotions…emotions that I only share with the world here, on my blog. I can’t talk about these things, I just feel them. I can say them out loud, it feels strange. But when I write them, they make so much sense. To me anyways. Sia…what a great singer! Her songs are so powerful, so emotional. There is not one song from her that I didn’t absolutely adored. There is not one song that did not makeย me feel such strong things that I have tears in my eyes. I play her music on high volume and I can’t get enough of it. One of the songs that is on my mind all the time these days isย Unstoppable.ย This song…the lyrics…wow…just wow. Exactly how I feel, from the beginning to the end.

My favourite part of the song? This one says everything to me and about me:

Break down, only alone I will cry out now
You’ll never see what’s hiding out
Hiding out deep down, yeah, yeah
I know, I’ve heard that to let your feelings show
Is the only way to make friendships grow
But I’m too afraid now, yeah, yeah

ย There is nothing more to say…this is perfection to me. I’ll let you listen to this song and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.


Cristina B.



12 thoughts on “#ILoveMusic … #Sia #Unstoppable

  1. I can definitely relate to this. I often listen to music that evokes the emotion of whatever scene I’m writing or editing. For some reason, I feel it more deeply and I can then bring more emotion into the scene. It’s a very powerful feeling, to feel so much while reading. I’ve laughed, cried, been angry, all of it. And music helps me channel it better. ๐Ÿ’•

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