The stranger, the dog and his master

The stranger walks with her young kid in the parking lot of a big north american store. From far away she sees this white bundle of fur excited to see everyone walking by. As she approches she sees the white puddle next to her master. He is blond, beautiful blue eyes, he sings in a corner almost hidden from everyone. His hat next to him holds a few dollars, probably given by people that passed by. The stranger instantly thinks that she wants to help this man and she has a plan.

As she walks in the store, holding her child next to her, she completely forgets what she is supposed to buy for herself. All of the sudden her needs are not important. She immediately goes in the animal food aisle and she grabs a box of dog food. The kid asks her mom what is that for, as they do not have a dog.

Have you seen the man sitting outside with his dog? she asks. He is not as fortunate as we are, he has a harder life than we do and if nobody helps him he cannot enjoy life as we do! 

The kid watches his mom with amazed eyes. They pay the food and walk outside.

Hello sir! How are you today? I bought some food for your cute dog! Here it is! she says while giving him the box of food. Also, I do not have a lot of cash on me and there is no bank around here, but here, take this 10$! It’s for you! I didn’t know what would you like to eat! 

His eyes! Tears! Excitement! Gratefulness! He starts thanking her and he says that he has some food for his dog that other kind strangers like her gave him. He says that the food was almost over and he thanks her so much for her kindness.

It’s the least that I could do for you! I wish I could do more! Just take care of yourself, ok? 

She tries not to look at him with pity. She knows that he probably doesn’t feel comfortable with the way people look at him. She says goodbye and walks away hoping that others will do the same for this man and his dog. At the same time, she hops from the bottom of her heart that her child learned a lesson today: always help others in need! We don’t know their life story so instead of judgment we should give them more understanding.

Cristina Burcus


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