Major blog change

There are so many blogs out there and each and every one of them is unique and great in its own way. After books (which are my first favorite escape) I like to read blogs. The people that choose to write for others know that they come to a new, virtual world where the competition is fierce. If you go to browse for blogs, what type of blogs are you looking for?

I really enjoy reading blogs that talk about life, life coaching blogs, travel, makeup, food, you name it, I love them all! But what I love the most are blogs about books. I get to see what people are reading, I get to learn about books and authors that I never heard before and obviously my To Be Read list gets longer and longer. I keep my hopes up that I will read most of these books in my lifetime. Or at least I hope I will. πŸ™‚Β 

Being the fact that books are my number one kind of relaxation, I decided that my blog will focus more on this. Why? Yes, it is great to share my life with the world out there and at the same time receive encouragement from everyone, however talking and writing about books makes me happy. Therefore, what is the best way to stay happy? It is indeed talking and writing about books.Β 

I will include also in this new version of blog: music, movies and from time to time other topics, so do not be surprised if you see that too. However, the main focus is on books; books on paper, E-books, audio books. You name it. You can find them here.Β 

I hope you will enjoy my new version of blog and I hope you will decide to still be part of my journey, even though the subject has changed.Β 

Let the fun begin!Β 

Cristina B.


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