Ufff…It’s been so long…

It’s been so long…such a long time that I opened the computer to actually write something. Who cares about my bla, bla, bla anyways? 🙂 Probably nobody, but for some reason this blog was always my ‘go to place’ when I felt that I am falling apart. It’s been some crazy busy few months and there are other months waiting for me. I decided though, that I’ll come back to my reading blogs and share things on my blog.

So I had this crazy idea about making money online and I changed my life and my blog and I tried to learn about networking and marketing and all that stuff. It took me just a few months to realize that this thing is not for me. So yeah, maybe networking is the future, who knows? From what I see around me, the end of the world might just come sooner rather then later. Too dramatic, you think? Well…I don’t know about that! 🙂 Yeah, back to making money online. So…this thing is really for people that know what they are doing, that are passionate and that are ready to invest money and invest again and again. Or so I think anyways. After, there is this thing of making friends online. You know what the problem is with that? That so many people that you meet online, the so called ‘ Let me help you and teach you how to make $30 000 per month’ are mostly just a bunch of people that all they want is your money to share with you things that you already know! Yeah!!! Do you know how many time in these few months I subscribed to online seminars about how to make your online business work and all the time I was just hearing things that I know already?! Many, many times! Anyhow…I am not saying it might not work and that all are liars, but yeah…you gotta be careful out there as many of them really don’t care about you or your business, they just want your money.

On another note, how about all the politics and manifestations that go on and on in the world? And I am not talking just about the United States. Also, there are parts of Europe that start to feel the pressure and want to make a change. So, I stayed as far away as I could from all the posting on social media about these things, not because I don’t care or that I don’t have an opinion about it, but simply because my opinions seemed to be somehow different from what people were sharing. At one point, I decided to share a thought about some thing that I thought was stupid. And ohhhhh boyyyy! People jumped on and told me that I’m so judgemental and that people can do whatever they want and that I should not attack people like that. LooooooL. Yeah, that is what I have to say about that! Because I find it so strange that everybody seems to think they have the right to share their thoughts and opinions but as soon as someone thinks differently they feel attacked. And those people that start with philosophical stuff (I meant to say sh*t) that analyze every single word you put out there, as in : ‘ohhh, if you say this than in reality you mean this, and you say this because of a deeper problem that you have and your ego and bla bla bla’. I have an opinion and that’s it. I don’t see why we should analyze every single word that I say or write. Goshhh…not to mention that apparently I  have an ego problem so this girl advised me to read I don’t know what book. So instead of telling her where to put that book, I just cleaned my Facebook list! Yup! Winter cleaning happened on my Facebook. Not because they don’t accept my opinions but because they think I should accept theirs but they don’t accept mine. So, out of my life they are. Who needs people like that anyways? I don’t!

Now that I am done my bla, bla…How is everyone? I actually missed my blog and I know I’ve been absent and I didn’t read any blogs lately (shame on me) but I am getting back to that! 🙂

Have a great night my dears! I’m so happy to be back! Stay safe!

Cristina B.


5 thoughts on “Ufff…It’s been so long…

  1. It’s weird, people always want to think that they’re right and expect others to agree with their views. I still can’t understand why people get attacked for having different views but it’s best to ignore those who attack for it, you’re showing that you’re not a sheep, Welcome Back!

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