You deserve better…

There are people that walk next to you just when it’s convenient for them. People that forget how much they shared with you just because right now they are in a better place then they were before. There are people that when you least expect it, will turn against you, just like that! No explanation, no excuse, just because! 

You will wonder what went wrong! Was it something you said? Something you did? Something you didn’t say or do? 

You will get mad! You will stop thinking about it! And you will probably get mad again because you simply can’t understand why the fake friendship for so long!

There will come a point when you will understand that it’s not about you! It’s actually because people are selfish and they stand by you only when it’s convenient to them! Give them a better job than yours, a good place to live in, some different friends and that’s all it takes for them to feel superior all of the sudden. The thing is though, there will come a point when you won’t care for them anymore. There will come a point when you will move on and completely remove them from your life, even if it costs you a lot to do so. And when maybe, just maybe, they will fall again from that high pedestal, they will want to turn back to you! However, you already move on, because there is only so much that you can accept. There comes a point when too much was just too much and you realize that you just deserve to be treated better! 

I guess that what I’m trying to say is just: don’t let anyone make you think that they are better than you! ❤❤❤

Cristina B. 


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