‘Wrong timing’ or ….

Stay positive! Inspire yourself and try to inspire others. You try so hard to act like you should but only you know what really happens in your mind. When at the end of the day you get that headache from trying to stay focused and positive and smile and act like all is good in the world, take two pain killers and go to bed. Wake up and start all over. 

Sure there are days when you don’t want to go out there but life is made in such way that you have no choice but get out, smile, talk, socialize and go back to bed! 

The worst part is when you can’t keep it inside anymore and you get angry at the wrong time. ‘Wrong time’! Is there really a good time to get angry? I don’t know. But when you feel drained after you scream a bit at this person, you realize that maybe keeping it all inside wasn’t such a bad idea after all. There is only so much that you can take though. So stop blaming yourself and move on! It can happen to anyone! 

Cristina B. 


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