Often, someone that we know struggles with depression or anxiety and even though we know about it, we have no interest in helping that person. We have no interest in sharing their ‘’depressing posts’’ or sending them a message to ask how they are today. However, if a celebrity struggles with the same things we tend to comment on their posts, wishing them the best, we share those posts to show our support. The one that hits me the most is the celebrity new moms that struggle with postpartum depression. We have no interest in the new mom next to us but we surely care about the one that we know nothing about except what we see on TV. We tell the new mom next to us to tough it up because if others could do it they can do it too. But we share the celebrity mom post because ‘’she was so brave to share her struggles with the world!’’

How about the couples that break out? We suffer so much when our favorite Hollywood couple just broke up. Often, we don’t even care about the reason, all we wish is that they could go back together because they were making such a cute couple. But when a couple in our circle of friends breaks up, all we do is tell the one that is our friend to simply move on. We have no patience with ‘’their drama’’ because we all have our own problems to think about. We do nothing to give a bit of moral support or to at least understand why they broke up. If we do find out about the reason all we do, if they get back together, is judge them. I mean…after the horrible thing that they pass through how can they forgive each other? We really don’t care about anything else, we only want to judge their decision even though we showed 0 interest and 0 support when they broke up.

Let’s look at the business support. Every single day of our lives we support celebrities with their business. We share their clothes, we share their makeup, we share their lives. We share and buy everything that they offer us. Even if we don’t know them. Even if their things are expensive. Even if at times the quality is as bad as it can be. We simply share and support random people that we see on TV or magazines, simply because they offer us entertainment. But we offer 0 support to those next to us. If someone that we know opens a new cloth store we never go in to check if they have something that we might like. If someone next to us creates beautiful custom-made jewelry we pay no attention to it because it’s not gold or silver or simply because it isn’t a known brand. If someone next to us joins a business and they market it through their Facebook we stop following them because we think that all they want is our money. In the end, we could just give our money to celebrities who already are multimillionaires instead of the person next to us who is probably having a business on the side trying to feed themselves and their family.

I guess that what I am trying to say with this post is that I don’t really understand why can’t we support people next to us but we can support people that we know nothing about? Why do we judge the people next to us but we show support to those that we don’t know? Why do we understand depression and anxiety when someone that we don’t know shares it but when someone close to us tries to do the same we turn our back to them? I suppose that I can’t understand all this.

Thanks for reading! Think about it before you click enter to a comment like: ‘’We are all different and we have the right to do everything that we want!’’ I believe that we are all free to do so, that will not make me understand why people that we don’t know are more important than people that we do know. 😊

Cristina B.


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    • Awww you are so nice! Thank you. I’m a bit disappointed because I feel that people next to me don’t care to support me in any way. Not all of them, but I know a bunch of people and only a few show interest. I started a makeup business a while ago and all I ask for them to do is like and share so I can make my business known and all I get is rejection. It doesn’t cost them money but they simply don’t care.


      • I understand what you mean. It’s not easy. Most of the people in my family know I write and that I’m passionate about it, but they give me this look like they don’t understand. Almost all of them never bother to read a word I say, and if they realize I’ve published books it doesn’t matter to them. Sometimes it’s hard to see that happen. But, I’ve found that the people I’ve met online are better friends than I’ve ever had in person, except for maybe two people. You find more like-minded people around the world, and that’s what counts. In terms of your makeup business, I can understand how some people don’t bother, because it simply doesn’t interest them. In my case, I know that the people that follow me are interested in the writing, and nothing else, so if I shared something like makeup, a bunch would run for the hills and hit that unfollow button. But a lot of people aren’t in the same situation. If you have specific info to share, I’d be happy to give a shout on my Facebook and Twitter (since those are more generic than my Instagram and site). 💖

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      • Thank you I appreciate your words. I know what you mean. I’m still new to this and I have so much more to learn. I’m actually studying multiple things at the same time and one of them is network marketing and it can become overwhelming at times lol. I have this constant feeling that I want to learn so many things and I’m afraid I won’t have the time to do it. But yes, I understand the fact that I have to concentrate on people that do like makeup. Most of them do though Hahahahaha they just don’t believe in my business. But that’s ok. I feel the same as you, people around the world, online people, those that follow my blog and that I follow gave me so much more support than those that I live around. 💜💜💜


    • Some tell me they have no interest in makeup which I understand but I’m sure they have in their Facebook list at least one person that likes makeup. They just refuse to help me. 😦


  1. Just for the record, I think you rule – but then you knew that 🙂 I think a lot of people live in their own little bubble, and don’t take much notice of anybody other than themselves. The number of people that seek attention on Facebook is probably proof of that…

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