Dreams, nightmares, worries…sleep tight

A baby, many dogs (but one in particular), colored birds and flies, really dark almost black cloud, fear, and strength. These are some of the things that describe last night.

I know that I have strange dreams. I always dream, even though sometimes I don’t remember what, I know that I always do. But last night…was one of those nights that make me wonder. Make me wonder if the direction in which I am going is the good one.

A baby girl. I know her, she was the baby of one of my aunts’ friends when I was a child. But now I am an adult, living in a strange world and I hold her tight. Her mother? I don’t know where she is but I am holding her and feeding her from a bottle that contains what it looks like milk, but not really. There are other kids surrounding me and I think my kids are also there. I am in charge of them all. I see a friend of mine in the house, but for some reason, I am in charge of them all. I look on the window and I see a small group of colored birds with flies and other flying insects that surround them. They are flying but they are holding their position. In front of my window, they all just stay there and they don’t really move. But they are all together like they want to show me something. I look in the direction in which they stare and I see a dark, almost black cloud coming our way. It is sunny, I think it’s sunset time but this dark cloud comes our way. I feel scared but when I realize that this could be dangerous I try to hide my emotions, I have to be strong for the kids. The cloud passes without doing any harm.

I am at my sister’s house. Her house is full of dogs. Big dogs and most seem friendly. But there is this one dog that stays next to me and doesn’t seem so friendly. It’s like he wants to bite me but his fear for my sister holds him back. So he is keeping on slowly bitting my hand, almost like he is playing but I feel his anger with me. I know he wants to attack me and I am scared. I ask my sister several times to take her dog away from me but she doesn’t seem to see the danger. I am hiding my fear because I don’t want the dog to know he scares me.

This is how my night went by. I am exhausted today yes. There are quite a few things that worry me these days. It’s starting to affect my sleep and I know that this is not good. How do people sleep well at night and leave their worries behind?

I wish I knew the secret…

A dreamer…