Why boys have so much pressure…while girls are daddy’s little princesses 

You’ve ever heard a father that tries to protect his daughter saying to a boy that goes on a first date that whatever he does to his daughter he will do it to him? Have you ever heard or saw a girl get her heart broken and everybody around her blamed the boy? Have you ever heard of a girl losing her virginity and getting dumped and everybody blamed the boy? 

Ok. How about the boy? How about his feelings? How about if he gets his hearth broken by a girl? How about if he is the one dumped after sex? How about if we as mothers go ahead and threaten the girl with things that we might do if she dares to break his hearth?

Well….I’ve never seen such thing. Because boys are not supposed to cry. They are not supposed to have feelings. If they get dumped after sex…well…at least they got sex right? We assume that this sex thing happens because of the boy only. He, somehow makes the girl have sex with him even if she doesn’t want it and well after he just doesn’t care for her. ‘The poor girl’ really thought that he loved her and he, such a monster, never did and pretend this entire time while she….because he said ‘I love you!’ is the victim in this situation. 

Let me tell you this: all this is crap! Yup! Not only boys trick a girl to have sex. Not only girls have their hearth broken and not only girls have feelings. So maybe your innocent girl decided to have sex. That was nobody’s decision but her’ s. If a girl has her hearth broken and cries well get this: she will get over it. And instead of blaming the boy just think that his hearth will soon be broken too. Except that he won’t be allowed to cry because society might think he is weak. 

I can’t sit and look around how girls are victimized while boys are told to be rough. We are all human. We all make mistakes. We all suffer in life. We all get dumped. We all have the right to suffer. 

So to those parents that threaten and say things to boys that go on first dates I tell you this: As a mother of boys I will raise mine in order for them to respect and love everybody. However if your daughter decides to do things it is not my boys fault for her actions! So stop putting the blame on boys! Stop putting the pressure on boys and accept that girls have the same amount of responsibility. They got pregnant? Well….the fault is 50-50, girl and boy made a bad decision. Because no! It is not only his responsibility to protect both of them. 

We want equality? Then we should freaking start acting like it! 

Thanks for reading! 

A dreamer…


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