#Younique … I still love you… xoxo

I used to be a Younique representative not so long ago. I quit…hmmm…because of some stuff going on in my life but I am planning to go back at one point as the products of this company are high quality, natural based and cruelty free. I am not yet 100% cruelty free when it comes to products that I use but I am working my way there. So…Younique is my number 1 company when it comes to makeup and skin care.

Feel free to try them for yourself and let me know if you don’t fall in love right away… 🙂

Who said that you can’t have fun with makeup even if you don’t sell it? 🙂


Have a great night now… 🙂


A Dreamer…



My #Younique Online Party

Whaaat? #Younique? Online Party? What do you mean? Is that what you guys think? Hehehehe I was thinking the same thing about a week ago. Let me tell you all about it. 🙂

Two weeks ago I was contacted on Facebook by this cute, fun girl Christina. I normally don’t add people that I don’t know (either in person or that I met through some social media group or event). I saw that we had two friends in common so I decided to add her. We started to chat a bit and I realized that she is really fun! She is so full of positive energy that I instantly felt her good vibes. We spoke a bit about our lives and I learned that she is doing a bunch of interesting stuff and one of them is really fun: she is a Younique Presenter. I asked her what is about Younique that is so unique? 😀 …and this is how my adventure started.

You can find Younique here: Younique, LLC

I never heard of them before, BUT I never used make-up so much so I didn’t care to learn about make-up companies. What grabbed my interest right away was Christina’s explanation of the company. She said this:

Younique is a high quality, naturally based, cruelty free cosmetics & skin care company with a mission to uplift, empower and validate women everywhere. A portion of every purchase also goes to the Younique Foundation which allows sexually abused women to retreat and get healing. So many lives have been changed and we’re only a 3 year company. We are not like Avon and Mary Kay…except the fact that you purchase from a personal presenter. We are currently the fastest growing direct sales company in history. It’s exciting…

After this I learned that I can host an online Facebook party in which I invite all my girlfriends and we share make-up tips and we play games. In the end, should they decide to buy some of the amazing products I get to win free products and/or Y-cash to buy myself some of that AMAZING make-up products. Great! I thought. Though I do not consider myself a good sells person, 🙂 , I decided to give it a try. In the end even if I don’t win anything it will still be fun. And so my party started. For the entire week we shared photos, tips and videos (all Christina’s work) and we played games. It was a full week in which I interacted with my Facebook friends and it was really fun. My online party ended yesterday and I wasn’t expecting it, though it seems that it was a complete success. Thanks to my awesome friends and Christina’s hard work and dedication I won $64.37 in free make up (Y-cash) AND 2 half- price items!! (this is the news that Christina gave me this morning). I am so excited to use the make-up and all I am thinking about is that while I will look fabulous, at the same time I will support a company that does so much for the world around us. So YAAAAAAAY to Younique!

If you want to know more about this amazing company you can either visit their website or you can follow my now friend Christina on her Facebook business page below:

Moodstruck Joy. Younique by Christina Joy Health/Beauty

This is what kept me busy last week darlings. And it was fun and funny and exciting and I actually had a great time! I think that Younique won themselves a one happy and loyal customer and that is all thanks to their amazing presenter Christina. 🙂

Thanks for reading lovelies!

PS: I wasn’t paid to do any marketing for the company. 🙂 😀 I am writing about it just because they are that amazing! 🙂

Cristina B.


(***photo from www.pinterest.com***)