Maybe you want to know me

📝 Who am I? 📝 Lets list some random facts about myself. Fun, right? ☺️ Enjoy:

1. I love to read and write but I barely have time.

2. I like chocolate but not wine (though I drink it sometimes).

3. My biggest nightmare is that someone brakes into my house while I’m here.

4. I hate spiders (as in really, really hate them).

5. I speak 4 languages (Romanian, English, French and Spanish).

6. I love to sleep but I’m always tired.

7. I eat to live not live to eat.

8. I lose weight when I’m stressed.

9. I barely have friends but I’m fine with it.

10. I (almost) always say what others just think and sometimes I get in trouble because of it.

11. I don’t drink coffee at night and I can’t eat pizza without ketchup on top of it.

12. I like to put my personal life out there and I couldn’t care less who will judge me.

I should have stopped at 10, but I feel that number 11 and 12 were important as well. 😂😂😂

So…yeah…basically more or less this who I am! ☺️☺️☺️ Thanks for reading lovelies!

Cristina B.




8 thoughts on “Maybe you want to know me

  1. Maybe I already knew you but, I think you are very courageous to open up like this and show the real you to the world… You are true and honest… I’m lucky to have you in my family xxxx

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